1. Playing when you're supposed to be studying? That's proper menace behaviour! But a real menace knows not to get caught! Click DANGER to hide the page from any nosey sneaks or grown-ups!

  2. You can turn the SOUND on and off with just a click. The Dinmakers say let it play... and play it LOUD!

  3. Your FRITTER FEED is where you can see comments, jokes and Fun Facts. Fritter is our very own community just for menaces and minxes, so you can tell your mum and dad it's totally safe. There's a whole lot of chatter with Fritter!

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  5. This is where all your ACHIEVEMENTS are on display. It shows you how many points and badges you've earned, your Menacing Rank, and how high you are on the Menace Levels Leaderboard! Remember, the more points you earn, the higher you go! Have YOU got what it takes to reach Public Menace Number 1?

  6. This shows your menacing PROGRESS. The more red and black stripes you see, the bigger the menace you’re becoming! How far can YOU take it?

  7. Click the buttons to see the latest issue of the megazine, characters or buy a subscription, try them!

  8. Here's where you enter Dennis the Menace and Gnasher's world. Step into the garden and you're stepping into a world of games, videos, menacing and, most of all, FUN! Feeling brave enough to give it a go? THEN COME ON IN!

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